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Robert Bury & Company takes tremendous pride in the many projects and installations through which our talented customers have creatively transformed the raw materials and products that we have supplied them with into magnificently constructed and ingeniously fabricated works of art. Please browse our gallery of images depicting some of these intricately manufactured and brilliantly designed millwork and cabinetry masterpieces. Should you have any questions regarding the materials and products that have been employed in the manufacturing of the installations illustrated in these images, please contact us for further information.

Uniboard Melamine & Sublime Collection Slab Doors

Tafisa Melamine
Color 488 & 489

Germain Cabinetry
High Gloss White Polymer Doors


Legno Collection from Stevens Melamine

From Jacob Kitchens
Walnut Plywood & Birch Wood Doors Painted in White

Rovee Cabinetry
Kitchen Storage Accessories from Nuvo Hardware

From Eduardo Cabinetry
Walnut Plywood & Sublime Collection Acrylic

Tafisa Melamine
Color 570-530

Daniel-Johnson Dam and Manic-5 Exposition
Garnica Plywood

Uniboard Melamine & Shaker Doors
Color H54 & H55