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Hardwood And Softwood Lumber

When Robert Bury & Co. began in Toronto in 1904, it was in the business of wholesaling domestic and tropical hardwood lumber to the region’s furniture manufacturers. Today, we are a strong lumber distributor in Canada & the USA carrying many wood species and formats for various applications and industries.


Atlas-Husky lumber is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of hardwood lumber and white pine lumber. They have allocations from the provinces of Quebec and Ontario for their raw material. The species of lumber they offer include, but are not limited to, birch, hard maple, red oak, white pine, red pine, basswood, and aspen.
Their range of 14 North American species, in both standard and proprietary grades, set the market standard. They also offer over 25 exotic species and a wide range of imported plywood products to fill their customers’ needs.
At the Wood Welded® Companies, they build the world’s best hardwood butcher block. From stunning kitchen countertops to safe and sensible food prep surfaces for culinary professionals to sturdy industrial workbench tops—discover why wood just works.