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Industrial Plywood

Industrial plywood is used in many applications that need high-quality, high-strength sheet material. Quality in this context means resistance to cracking, breaking, shrinkage, twisting, and warping. Some of the types and species of high-quality industrial plywood that we carry include poplar (IND1 and IND2), baltic birch, spruce, fir, marine okoume, lauan mahogany, flexible grade, and more.


They offer sand 2 side panels and industrial grades (AB, AC, BC, and clear grade aspen plywood). They also offer red pine and spruce CCX.
Garnica is one of the world leaders in the poplar plywood industry. Their goal is to surprise customers, by offering extraordinary products, thanks to a unique production model based on sustainability and innovation. They offer a wide variety of panel types (ultralight, fire-resistant, moisture resistant, and more). They definitely have the panel you are looking for.
MDO is an exterior type plywood with a weather-resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure. It finds ready acceptance in the market as a superior base for painted signs.
Rockshield Engineered Wood Products operates a plywood overlay mill in Cochrane, Ontario, the heart of renewable conifer and aspen forests. The majority of panels are hardwood plywood to which Rockshield adds a hardwood veneer such as oak, cherry, maple, or birch as an overlay to produce ready-to-use panels.