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As the Manager / Regional Manager for the Province of Quebec, Jean currently oversees two Robert Bury distribution centers (Quebec City & Montreal).  Passionate in management and sales, he has a business background from Laval University in Quebec City.  Joining the company’s sales team in 1987, he knows most facets of our industry.  Highly motivated and involved with his team, he is consistently working to build a fair and strong relationship as much with employees and suppliers, as with customers.

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Yvon LajoieYVON LAJOIE – Sales Manager

Yvon began at Robert Bury in 2002. Throughout these years, he knew how to distinguish oneself by his work and his desire to perform. In his sales manager role, his dynamic personality is a major asset to motivate his sales team. His goal, work closely with his team and offer the best customer service to our clients!

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